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Parking TRO - questions & answers March 2021

What you need to know about the TRO

What is a TRO and why is Bibury Parish Council applying for one?

A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is a legal agreement which restricts or prohibits the use of the highway network, in line with the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. They help to manage the highway network for all road users, including pedestrians, and they aim to improve road safety and access to facilities.

What about all the ideas put forward at the public meeting in October 2019?

We met with Gloucestershire County Council highways department in February 2020 to discuss these ideas but although the meeting was very positive, many of the suggestions proved to be difficult to implement either because they were too costly or not viable.

Such as?

For example, we have no power to ban coaches from the village. All we can do is to ensure that as far as possible, they don't disrupt the traffic or block the road. We plan to do this with kerb markings on the existing double yellow lines that will prohibit loading and unloading of passengers. Pay-and-display and residents' parking permits were also rejected by Highways.

I hear the parking TRO is a "done deal".

No, this is not the case. We are still at the consultative stage and there will be further updates. We are always happy to hear comments from residents and provide you with the correct information.

Didn't the council vote the TRO through at an extraordinary council meeting last summer that was not minuted?

No. The outline TRO proposals were put before the council at the meeting of August 2020. It was agreed that members should look at these and discuss them at the September 2020 meeting.

The September meeting was inquorate following the resignation at the beginning of the meeting of three councillors (on an issue that was nothing to do with the TRO) so it did not go ahead, and there are therefore no minutes.

But I thought the parish council had approved it?

Following a meeting with GCC highways department and Councillor Shaun Parsons, various amendments requested by GCC to the PROPOSED TRO were put before the parish council at the October 2020 meeting. These were unanimously approved, since they dealt mainly with safety issues, and it was agreed that the PROPOSED TRO should be submitted.

What has the Parish Council done to publicise the proposals?

In the November 2020 edition of Village Life, it was reported that full details of the proposed TRO had been posted online at the parish council website, This was done on 14 October 2020 and again on 14 January 2021. Minutes of all the council meetings which have taken place are also available on the parish council website.

Why is the Parish Council banning parking around the church? Won't this make life difficult for church-goers who have limited mobility?

Parking in front of the church gates, the school gates and The Old Rectory gates will remain unregulated, as it is currently.

What about Cemetery Lane?

GCC highways department have advised the parish council that – as we suspected – Cemetery Lane is too narrow to allow access for emergency vehicles when cars are parked there, even if their wheels are on the pavement. We are still in discussion about whether parking can be provided at the bottom where the road is wider. GCC highways have commissioned an independent road safety audit.

Can't you dig up the pavement or make it narrower?

Highways have told us that digging up the pavement is definitely not an option. It was widened some years ago at the request of the church to allow coffins to be carried from the church to the cemetery.

But you've got people using the village hall, the school and the church. Don't they need somewhere to park?

The village hall, the school and the church are indeed used regularly by lots of people and are the focus for many village activities. However, this is also the reason why it is important for emergency vehicles to have unrestricted access. In all conscience, we could not allow a safety consideration such as this to be ignored. We await the report from the independent road safety audit.

What about the parking regulations proposed for Church Road?

The Parish Council felt that parking restrictions in The Street might result in more visitors parking in Church Road, so our view was that time restrictions might be necessary there as well. However, the feedback from the consultation is that this idea is very unpopular, so the Council will no longer be proceeding with this part of the proposal.

Why can't the Parish Council create a car park?

The Parish Council does not have the money to buy land for a car park. The Trout Farm has purchased land adjacent to its own car park and was using this last summer as a temporary overflow on busy weekends. We understand they intend to do the same this year.

Cllrs. Richard Williams, Neil Clegg, Simon Brownless and Victoria Summerley

Posted: Thu, 11 Mar 2021 13:24 by Irena Litton

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